Photographs and rock balancing by Kathy Clarke

Use your heart to feel purely, love deeply, and guide you truly.
— Kamryn L. Clarke
Surrounding yourself with the balanced energies of nature influences you to behave in a sensible manner. The most balanced act is to be interconnected to your fellow humans.
— Tom Yougnholm-Mastering the Art of Balance
As the Universe, so shall you seek and perpetuate a state of harmonious balance; first within yourself and then within your environment.
— Kamryn L. Clarke
Living Simply allows more energy to be concentrated on the few things that matter most.
— Kamryn L. Clarke
All your energy needs to be focused on choosing love and removing any blockages. When that happens, your pathway through the darkness of indecision, uncertainty, and ignorance will be lit by the light of love and balance.
— Tom Youngholm-The Celestial Bar
Emotions are the basis for our passion, creativity, and inspiration; they are the palate of colors for an artist, the conflict of the human condition to a writer, and the range of lyrical notes to a musician.
— Tom Youngholm-Mastering the Art of Balance