Photography and rock balancing by Kathy Clarke

Tom's eclectic personal and business experiences provide for a wealth of information to the client, student, or audience. His supportive, humorous, and compassionate nature give him a down-to-earth style that is based on balance and living authentically.


One-on-One Personal "Balance" Coaching by phone including international calls through Skype

Using a variety of tools and the framework mentioned in Mastering the Art of Balance, you will receive personal guidance in assessing and establishing more balance in your life. 

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Individual session–$65 per 60 minute session or 4- 60 minute calls within a month for $210.

A 10 week intensive personal Mastering the Art of Balance Study program–Once a week you will journey through the material within this book. Personalized homework, study lessons, and exercises will be assigned each week including an initial session of 90 minutes followed by 9 personal 60 minute phone sessions for only $595.

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Speaker for your next business conference or meeting. Whether your needs are in Motivation, Stress Management, Personal Development, or Sales, Tom brings passion & humor along with a broad knowledge and experience in many fields. 

Inspirational/Motivational – Tom’s eclectic and adventurous travels bring together stories and wisdom of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. His humorous down-to-earth style translates his experiences into practical tools to live an authentic life.

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1/2 to 3 day seminars based on achieving a greater state of balance are available. Tailored to your needs.



Melding the needs of business and employees. The more an employee/manager is personally aware of their strengths and weaknesses the greater chance of having a motivated workforce. "Balance" training provides tools to employees so that they understand themselves better in order to maximize their potential.

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